Splash Screen Launcher for the SeaMonkey Web Browser

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Splash Screen Launcher for the SeaMonkey Web Browser

Postby Handy-Tools.net » 25 Feb 2010, 23:22

Splash Screen Launcher for the SeaMonkey Web Browser



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As it is known the new version of SeaMonkey 2 uses a new toolkit. Unfortunately
the splash screen option is not supported in the new toolkit. That is why the
SeaMonkey 2 has the splash screen no more. It is very inconvenient because a
user does not know exactly if he successfully double-clicked on the SeaMonkey
icon. Also it causes problems as a user can start more instances of SeaMonkey at
the same time and it can lead to the overload.

I have developed a small program. It can be a solution for the splash screen
option for windows systems.

The program works as a launcher. The program shows the splash screen and then
starts the SeaMonkey web browser. As a SeaMonkey main window is shown the splash
screen disappears.

Installation steps:

1. Download the launcher program (Windows OS is required to run the launcher).

2. Copy or save the file launch.exe in to the directory where SeaMonkey is

3. Create a shortcut for the launcher on the desktop. You can drag and drop the
launcher icon with a RIGHT mouse button from the SeaMonkey directory to the
desktop. Then select from the popup menu "Create shortcut here".

4. Now you can start SeaMonkey with this shortcut and enjoy a splash screen.

5. If you use a firewall, please make sure to properly setup the firewall for
the launcher program. The launcher starts the web browser and some firewalls can
detect, the launcher program try to start the program (SeaMonkey in this case)
to access to the Internet. This is a normal behavior. In this case you should
grant the access rights for the launcher program in your firewall. The launcher
program does not connect to the Internet itself.

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